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Fruit Purees

Fruit Purees


FruitBlendz™ Fruit Purées combine delicious and nutritious fruit in a ready to serve solution that is ideal for providing safe and consistent textures, flavors and aromas that meets the needs of regulated, soft or textured modified diets. FruitBlendz™ is ideal for patients with dysphagia and other swallowing deficiencies and meets the standards for IDDSI Level 4 Puréed Food, and is available in six flavors.

FruitBlendz™ is the highest quality texture modified fruit puree available in the market. We use only real fruit purée to ensure the highest quality available. Our formulas contain no artificial sweeteners, are low-sodium and fat-free.  Also, our purées use starch and pectin instead of gums as a thickener.

Our new 4oz portion-controlled cup makes serving even easier - no mixing, blending or thawing is required – just open and serve. Our product is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration until it is opened.

FruitBlendz™ reduces waste and saves you time, money and labor. It’s versatile – enjoy it alone, as an ingredient in baking, as a topping for desserts, or on breakfast items. FruitBlendz™ Fruit Purées promise variety, great taste and the quality you’ve come to expect from Leahy-IFP - the company that brought you Carbotrol® Fruit